Serge Leplege

Serge is in charge of the expedition and skipper of the boat, he has a good experience of navigation in the Indian Ocean. He takes land and aerial photos and videos throughout the expedition.
He will also be responsible for carrying out interventions in schools on Ile Sainte Marie.

Frederic Madelenat

Veterinary doctor with a wild fauna CES, he is responsible for setting up the macro waste observation protocol.
He will test the micro plastic collection protocol that will be put in place for the third shipment. He is also a fine cook and will concoct good meals for the whole crew.

Bertrand Henry

Bertrand is a lifeguard swimmer and has a good knowledge of the marine environment. A lover of extreme sports in contact with nature, he is particularly sensitive to the preservation of the oceans.
He has worked as a sailor on cruise ships, he is also a good cook always ready to please the taste buds.

Jean Fridman

Jean Fridman is a Frenchman who grew up in Madagascar and has been sailing for over 40 years in the Indian Ocean. He is one of the most experienced sailors in this area where navigation cannot be improvised.
He built his boat, he has a perfect knowledge of sailing. He is also passionate about protecting the oceans, which is what motivated him to join the Plastik Challenge Expeditions team.

Raymond Botoubé

Raymond Botoubé is a former professional sailor who lives on Ile aux Nattes in Madagascar. He sailed for many years on container ships and on the Marion Dufresne. This is a direct witness to the disrespectful practices of certain shipping companies.
He has witnessed the pollution and degradation of the oceans caused by plastic. He has been raising awareness for more than 10 years about the problem of plastic in the oceans.