It is 4 am and the night offers us its thousands of stars.

The Sudan Bank is finally crossed, we are relieved. This high bottom rising from the abyssal waters of the Indian Ocean at only 13 m is a dangerous zone for navigation in the event of strong swells which is fortunately not the case that night there.

Still on starboard tack, the boat is going at more than 6.5 knots and at this speed the arrival is scheduled for 2:30 am. The skipper made the wise decision to slow the boat down to 4 knots by rolling up the genoa and taking two reefs in the mainsail to approach the Cargados Carayos archipelago at dawn.

Our arrival must be done absolutely during the day because night navigation is risky there, the very many wrecks of beached boats are there to remind us.

During this beautiful day, we saw some macro-waste on the surface but the state of the sea, the wind and the speed of the boat did not allow us to photograph them. The skipper prepares us for lunch a carry of which he has the secret accompanied by tamarind pickles and leaves us a good bottle of red wine. Life on board is now well regulated and very pleasant: the cooking, the good meals, the watches and the samples of micro-plastic using our net at the end of the afternoon.

We have had no damage since our departure, the boat is traveling more than 110 miles per day and to be honest, the atmosphere on board is excellent, we eat well and the navigation is a real pleasure!