After long weeks of preparations, we weigh anchor on November 30 at 5:45 am and leave the West Port of Pointe des Galets.

The weather was good and we quickly hit a little breeze which allowed us to quickly shut down the engine. We set sail for the Ile Ste Marie and see the coast of Réunion slowly receding before disappearing in an absolutely magnificent morning light.

Michael takes the helm while Serge makes the first sails adjustments. Frédéric lays the first test net designed to collect micro plastic.

We do not make any particular observations apart from the presence of seabirds which come to circle the boat. The night will begin with a brief downpour which then gives way to a starry night.

In order to facilitate the watches, Serge installs a tiller pilot on the speed regulator. It is an autopilot that consumes much less energy than a traditional pilot, it can run all day long without draining the on-board batteries