A few moments later, the good weather returns. The wind weakens, then returns, and ends up orienting itself perfectly at 120 degrees, which allows us to make a direct route to Sainte Marie.

Around 11 am our friends the dolphins come to greet us and play around the bow of the boat, they accompany us for long minutes. It’s a show you never get tired of.

This afternoon, Frédéric is preparing us a duck confit and his potatoes sautéed with baby onions, a real delight. In the afternoon, the entire crew is busy on the boat at various and varied tasks. Serge tries to send the logbook but has a connection problem with the satellite phone. He spends the whole day trying to solve the problem, to no avail. We will have to wait until we arrive at Sainte Marie to put the logbook online.

Tonight, it’s Bertrand’s turn to cook us some pasta with raw ham with Roquefort onion sauce, succulent! It is under a starry vault that the night promises to be sweet.