The day is spent maintaining the boat and repairing the tender, a small inflatable motorized boat used to dock.

Yesterday we overloaded it with the water cans used to refuel the boat’s tanks and the floor came off. We will spend the morning and part of the afternoon fixing it.

There, we meet a friend of hers who has been a diving instructor for 8 months in a hotel on the west coast.

She shares with us her disappointment at the richness of the seabed at Sainte Marie Island and the presence of significant quantities of plastics in the reef area.

It is urgent to set up a waste treatment system in Sainte Marie. Indeed, the island does not have a garbage collection service or waste storage, which poses a big problem, especially with plastic.

The will to remedy this problem is real, but as is often the case in Madagascar, the means and infrastructure are lacking. We have come to try to mobilize the major players of the island and its inhabitants in order to find lasting solutions. The TCO cooperates in this sense with the Urban Commune of Ste Marie.