All night long the boat goes between 5 and 6 knots in a constant wind.

No one is touching the helm, we are on cruise control. This system is extremely efficient and consumes nothing in electrical energy unlike the extremely greedy autopilot.

We pass the Sudan Bank at the end of the night and it is again Michael who finds himself on watch to pass this shoal which goes back to about 13 m deep. There we see a fishing boat to which we make a VHF call to confirm that it has no net or surface fishing system.

At dawn we are 70 miles from the Mauritian coast, nobody touched the bar last night, this Atoms speed regulator is definitely a real little wonder. Laurent prepares tea and coffee for the crew who wake up while Michael finishes his shift and goes to take his morning nap.

We have no more meat on board and today’s meal will be a rice salad prepared by Amaury.

It is 3 p.m., we have a departure on one of the fishing rods and Laurent brings us back a magnificent dolphinfish and cuts it immediately into steaks placed immediately in the fridge which promises us several succulent meals. !

Serge will cook it the same evening in a pan in butter with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, a real treat.

This last night at sea before reaching the sister island will be long for the latter because on our route is Ile Ronde, Ile Plate and Coin de Mire and we end up skirting the west coast of Mauritius to reach Port Louis.