The boat made good progress last night.

The skipper chose to sail with a large safety margin, passing several miles from the northern islands of Mauritius.

Despite this, he will wake up every hour to check his course because night sailing along the coast always presents a risk.

He takes the helm at 4 am to make the approach to Port Louis, will carry out alone the return to port and the mooring of the boat while we are all sleeping like dormice.

When we wake up we are at the pontoon at Caudan and it’s a good hot shower that awaits us! The order of the day will be the storage of the boat and supplies for the remaining 250 kilometers.

The evening has a wonderful surprise in store for us because we arrive in Port Louis on an exceptional holiday: Port Lwi By Light with the Caudan Waterfront full of people.

We attend a parade of traditional canoes with sails illuminated by light shows, concerts and projections that will enhance the pleasant atmosphere of the Mauritian capital.