It is 9 am and the crew wakes up well rested after this night spent at the dock.

We make the last preparations and the races to live that we lack and we set sail from the Caudan Waterfront for the customs wharf in order to do the essential formalities for departure from Mauritian waters.

We left Port Louis at 4 p.m. with a twinge of heart to begin our last navigation towards La Reunion.

There is 15 knots of wind and the start is under sail at over 7.5 knots. The boat is going at a good pace for the first 25 miles. At the start of the night the wind weakens and we slow down to less than 2 knots.

The night will be long, the watches difficult to keep because we are advancing very slowly in a dark night, tacking at 120 ° to the wind. In addition to this wind which comes to us from behind, we are tossed all night long by a crooked swell.