We wake up this morning for our last day of exploration.

Breakfast taken, we set sail for “Long Island”, a small island devoid of trees and vegetation.

Here, the sea leash is largely made up of macro plastic waste but also glass bottles of neon lights and all kinds of fish corpses whose provenance we do not know. A few samples of sand will highlight the presence of micro plastics which are innumerable as soon as we approach the eyes of the sand.

As we walk along this beach, a big stingray follows us and watches us, curious, a few meters from the shore. We find on Long Island the same arsenal of rubbish as during our other explorations. Unfortunately, wherever we go in this archipelago, plastic awaits us. It is unfortunately part of these yet idyllic landscapes!

After 3 hours of surveying this little piece of land, the return to the boat is done with a certain nostalgia. We have lunch our last meal in this archipelago and start the preparation of the boat. Laurent makes a final adjustment on the lower shrouds, Serge takes the weather forecast and prepares the road for the return trip to Mauritius where we have to carry out the formalities for exiting Mauritian waters.

We savor these last moments in the turquoise waters and it is with a twinge of heart that we set sail for a navigation of 450 kilometers. We cross the south island and here we are on the high seas heading 200 ° for 220 miles or 450 km of navigation.

While I am writing this journal, a squall forces us to close the windows, we take out the oilskins. The thousands of stars have given way to a dark night, we are surrounded by squalls.