The sunrise is splendid and gives us the apartment of Mauritius against the light.

We spend the morning along the east coast to reach Port Louis. Capital of the island, modern and secular, crossroads of life, like most of the ports. Amounts of plastics float, as in all ports elsewhere. (see photo)

The services of coast guards and immigration, health and agriculture having done their job, we nibble ashore. An Indian meal in the stomach we go to buy the last fresh food. “Say no to plastic” is the advertisement that welcomes us to Port Louis !!

“Too bad not to see” nou vé pa plastik “in the middle of the Reunion Island advertising boards.

The day ends, hot and humid. We find our boat, we almost missed it.
Debrief of the day, tomorrow’s schedule, logbook, tooth brushing and last sleep before a week of autonomy at sea.