oday is our first intervention in Madagascar at Sainte Marie high school. The boys and girls students are dressed in uniform.

When we enter the room where the presentation is being made, they stand up, are silent and all say “hello sir” to us. Many teachers in France would dream of that! The director tells us that it is surely because she accompanies us that they are as wise as images.

We do our first presentation and the students seem interested, they listen! When we want to show the film we realize that there is no more electricity. After a few minutes of floating, we succeed in showing the films and images for awareness-raising: fortunately the projector battery was charged. It’s when we show them the first pictures of plastic pollution that the reactions are felt.

The pupils realize the consequences that plastic can have on the oceans and more particularly on animals. We explain to them that we have covered 800 km and have come from Réunion to talk to them about this problem. Ms. The Director of the Lycée makes an intervention and translates into Malagasy. The afternoon will be devoted to the maintenance of the engine of the annex which is making its own